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Poker Face is the Future of No KYC Casino The Number 1 Universal Lotto with Full Stack Casino. A Gamified Affiliate Marketing by using NFT and bringing Transparency through Block Chain Technology

Play anywhere Anytime!

Audited & KYC | 100% Secure & Verified


Pick2, a fully decentralized lottery system with LIVE Draws set to revolutionize and internationalize the traditional lottery landscape.

PICK2 is a 5 daily Draws game ,where players select two numbers to win  100x its bet
Pick2 it is Universal Lottery accessible via Telegram


A universal lottery, accessible to people worldwide, would likely lead to an unprecedented surge in participation. The $105.26 billion spent by Americans could pale in comparison to the potential when individuals from every corner of the globe contribute to a universal lottery. The sheer scale of global interest could result in a substantial increase in overall spending.


Licensed & Regulated Platform

The POKER FACE platform is regulated and licensed by the Curacao EGaming Authority.

Team is KYC Verified

The Poker Face Team has been successfully verified by Assure DeFi the KYC Gold Standard.

Audited by Solidproof

Poker Face has been fully audited by Solidproof and shown to be 100% secure.


Income Revolution

A Gamified Affiliate Marketing System by using NFTs and bringing Transparency through Block Chain Technology. Our enduring incentive program will entice Affiliate Marketers from across the globe and bolster Poker Face Casino’s
journey to establish itself as a ubiquitous presence in the Gambling Industry. Play anywhere, anytime!

House NFT Ownership

Purchase exclusive House NFT and watch your earnings soar. Invite players to the platform, and every time they make a deposit, you start earning automatically for the next 6 months. The rewards are enticing

Casino Deposits

20% on the first deposit from each player 10% on every subsequent deposit from the same user

Poker Face Debit Card

When users off board their crypto to the debit card, you earn 50 dollar sign up

2PICK Lottery

2PICK Lottery! For every lottery ticket purchase, you earn a remarkable 10%.

Monthly House Competitions

House NFT holders can create their own unique House Name and enter the leaderboard, competing also for the grand prize each month. This is your chance Monthly House Competitions Automatic Payouts



POKER FACE provides various sports betting opportunities,including football, tennis, American football, horse racing,basketball, golf, boxing, and MMA.


POKER FACE provides various sports betting opportunities,including football, tennis, American football, horse racing,basketball, golf, boxing, and MMA.


POKER FACE offers a complete online casino with over 200+ games from all major game providers. Casino games include slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, live casino, and more.


Enjoy Live Casino games which are streamed in real-time, where real dealers shuffle, deal and interact with Live Casino players. Play Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and Live Baccarat and more from the comfort of your home

Buy-Back, Burn and Reward System

Buy-Back System

The Poker Face Club employs a smart contract to acquire $PFC tokens daily from public exchanges. Funding for these purchases is derived from a share of the Casino and Betting revenue. This buying process inherently leads to an automatic increase in the $PFC price.

Token Destruction

Every day, the smart contract automatically eliminates fifty percent of the acquired $PKC tokens. This systematic burning diminishes the circulating supply of $PFC, enhancing the value of the remaining tokens.

Daily Profits

The other half of the tokens obtained through the buyback process will be automatically transferred to the Poker Face Pool. This staking pool then distributes rewards daily to $PFC holders based on the number of tokens they hold, generating daily profits for them

Staking Rewards

Earn passive income

When you stake your $PFC you immediately begin to earn daily rewards. Watch your holdings grow over time!

Access rewards instantly

You will immediately unlock rewards from staking that you can use in Poker Face, or save them for later!

Share the wealth

When you stake your $PFC you unlock access to revenue based rewards. Your even bigger piece of the pie!




Deflationary Supply

Buy 0%
Sell 5%

LP 0%
LP 2%

Marketing 0%
Marketing 3%


Use the contract information below to add the $PFC token to your wallet.

Token Name

Poker Face Club

Token Contract Address


Token Symbol


Token Type

BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)





Phase 1

Preparation Phase:

Phase 2

Pre-Launch Phase:

Phase 3

Launch Phase:

Phase 4

Exponential Growth Phase:

Phase 5

Phase 6

Phase 7

Phase 8


Since 2017, the crypto casino industry has surged in value, now reaching $250 million. But that’s just a tiny bit—0.1%—of the huge $263.3 billion online casino market. That market keeps growing by about 8% each year, meaning it gets even bigger, with more billions rolling in. People love Crypto Casinos because they’re easy to use and keep things private. 




During the pre-sale, you can buy $PFC at its lowest price before it launches on centralized and decentralized exchanges.


Receive up to 40% free credits to play on Poker Face - no conditions or obligations attached!


Get daily passive staking income automatically added to your wallet.

Step 1
Connect Wallet

Use Metamask or Trust Wallet to connect your wallet in seconds.

Step 2
Confirm Transaction

You can buy $PFC with USDT, ETH and BNB.

Step 3
Claim Tokens

Congratulations! You can claim your $PFC after the pre-sale ends

Purchase Bonus

Customers who purchase tokens amounting to 500 USDT or more will receive a bonus percentage of tokens corresponding to the amount they have acquired. The greater their purchase amount, the higher their bonus percentage.

7777 Poker Face NFT


40% $PFC Bonus
25% Casino Credits


25% $PFC Bonus
15% Casino Credits
5% Bonus Staking Rewards

NFT Silver

15% $PFC Bonus
10% Casino Credits

NFT Bronze

10% $PFC Bonus
5% Casino Credits

UNLOCK ADITIONAL REWARDS WITH When you buy $PFC Presale Token of $1,000 INVESTMENT or more, not only will you receive an increased amount of $PFC, but you’ll also gain access to enhanced rewards! Join the Elite Poker Face Members Club and indulge in exclusive benefits with an entry threshold as low as $1,000. Take advantage of these special perks, available exclusively during the presale.

Program Overview:

  • Bronze Tier (1k – 4999k USD) 
  • Silver Tier (5k – 9999k USD)
  • Gold Tier (10k – 49999k USD)
  • Platinum Tier (50k+ USD)



What is a presale?

In a presale, a restricted quantity of tokens is offered at a discounted rate to individuals interested in early involvement. It presents a valuable opportunity for individuals to join a new project before the official coin/token launch, which is open to the general public.

What is the duration of the presale?

The presale will remain active until the hard cap is attained. The minimum fundraising goal for the presale is set at 1 million USD..

What makes $PFC worth purchasing?

$PFC provides exclusive access to rewarding opportunities, including staking benefits and token appreciation. While it’s not mandatory for casino gameplay, owning $PFC allows you to wager on games alongside other major cryptocurrencies, unlocking additional advantages

Is there a vesting period for the presale $PFC tokens?

No, there is no vesting period for $PFC tokens. However, if you choose to stake your tokens during the presale, they will be locked until launch day plus 10 days. Staking your tokens right away allows you to start earning staking rewards and access future benefits.

When is the scheduled token launch?

$PFC will be launched within a few days of the conclusion of the presale. Updates regarding the specific launch day will be communicated through our website and various social media channels.

Is the security of my tokens ensured?

Poker Face  Casino has implemented robust measures to safeguard the $PFC token and its holders. In collaboration with Solidproof, a prominent blockchain security firm, we conducted a comprehensive security audit of the $PFC smart contract. This audit diligently scrutinized the smart contract to identify and address any potential risks or vulnerabilities.

When will I get my NFT?

At launch date :

When can i buy House NFT to start my business?

Day After Token Launch

Why are we initiating a presale?

The presale serves multiple purposes, including fostering a robust community of $PFC holders, enhancing our platform, fundraising, and attracting players to our ecosystem. The funds generated during the presale will be consistently reinvested into the casino and betting platform, facilitating the introduction of new features and the expansion of the user base through strategic marketing initiatives. This approach is designed to execute our go-to-market strategy effectively before the official launch of the $PFC token.
Our primary objectives include achieving a sign-up goal of 100,000 individuals for the casino and sustaining a daily wagering activity of 500 to 1,000 players. These milestones are crucial for generating substantial profits and ensuring the enduring success of the $PFC token.
The $PFC token is set to be listed on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, fostering additional growth for the Poker Face  ecosystem.
Participate in the Poker Face  Casino public presale now and enjoy early access to our platform, along with receiving up to 40% in free credits to use for gameplay. Seize this opportunity to be part of the future of online gambling

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